The Threats

High-Density Threat to HGW

The Overwhelming Threat... HIGH-DENSITY DEVELOPMENT !

The THREE hectare Highett Grassy Woodland survived 180 years of threats since Melbourne’s foundation:

  • It survived the era of felling for firewood and building.
  • It survived the era of grazing.
  • It just survived a 65-year occupation by CSIRO… with many plant and tree seeds just waiting in the soil for the chance to regenerate.
    - Many young Yellow Box trees have appeared with a bit of conservation work.
    - They NEED ROOM to thrive… naturally.

STOP today’s threat – the threat of  “development” with apartment blocks, roads, weeds.

INSIST ON at least THREE hectares – for the woodland and beautiful places for people to relax.

When it’s gone… it’s gone FOREVER.