Summary of Bayside Council’s Position on the Planning Controls

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Council Meeting 3 May 2011   Item 10.7   Potential Sale of the Highett Grassy Woodland

(Note this minuted resolution is, not materially different from the recommendation in the report)

Moved: Cr Norris Seconded: Cr Long

That Council further to its previous resolution of 29 March 2011:

1. Advocates for the following planning provisions to be applied to the site as part of the rezoning, consistent with the Highett Structure Plan and Bayside Planning Scheme:

  • Residential 1 Zone (R1Z), with the potential to apply the Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ) to open space and the Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ) to conservation areas;
  • Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO), Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) and Development Plan Overlay (DPO); and
  • The Development Plan Overlay Schedule will reflect the directions of the Highett Structure Plan and Clause 22.08 Highett Neighbourhood Activity Centre Policy and include prescriptive design guidelines for development form and height, including controls to manage the adjoining residential interface.


2. Reaffirms that it does not support the realignment of Graham Road through the site to link with Bay Road due to potential impacts on Grassy Woodlands vegetation at the South of the site;

3. Advocates for Clause 52.01 of the Bayside Planning Scheme to be amended to require an open space contribution in the order of 3 to 4 hectares of the site pursuant to Council’s previous resolution;

4. Advocates to the Minister for Planning for these Planning Scheme provisions and controls; and

5. In the event that Council receives the open space, a masterplan is formulated taking into account ;

a) Environmentally sensitive areas

b) Passive areas

c) Active areas