CSIRO site in Highett being SOLD for Development

CSIRO – Graham Road, Highett, Victoria, Australia
The 9.3 hectare CSIRO site in Graham Road Highett is currently being SOLD through a Federal Government process, and will ultimately end up in developers hands if it cannot be saved as open space for the community.

The area of Highett surrounding the CSIRO site is currently being RAPIDLY & INTENSIVELY DEVELOPED with no realistic consideration of the resulting pressures on local infrastructure including open-space, roads, traffic, public transport, schools…etc.

The community would GREATLY appreciate it if the CSIRO and ALL levels of government sat down and talked with them OPENLY about the future of the CSIRO site, including the Highett Grassy Woodland area.

The current intensity of development within a one kilometre radius of the CSIRO site means that the small area of open-space available per capita of the local community is being RAPIDLY ERODED!

Open Space has been proven to be VERY beneficial to the Community’s  health (physical & psychological) and well-being.

It also has been proven and documented (by Biosis Reseach Pty Ltd) that the Highett Grassy Woodland area of the CSIRO site contains a rare and endangered ‘stand’ of Yellow Box, River Red Gum trees and associated under-storey flora (plains grassy woodland flora).

Currently, CSIRO operates an educational facility on the site known as the Double-Helix Science Club which runs innovative workshops for schools and people of all ages.  A brilliant idea, suggested by a staff member of CSIRO, is to maintain an ‘educational facility’ on the Highett site and incorporate it with the Highett Grassy Woodland and parkland.  It could teach people of all ages about science AND nature… it could even nurture some of Australia’s future INNOVATORS, for when we’ve run out of things to ‘dig out of the ground’ to sell overseas!

A CSIRO Fun Science & Nature Park… instead of high-density development!?
What a Brilliant Idea!


Other innovative suggestions are most welcome… leave a comment below.